What Happens When Your Body Enters Ketosis, And What Should You Do Next?

What happens when you put your body in ketosis for a long period? People choose to do diet programs to lose weight. There are some ways to lose weight, such as choosing the right food, reducing food consumption, exercising, and other ways. The keto diet is believed to be an effective way to lose weight fast. Unfortunately, most people suffer from this diet program, especially in the very first week of doing it. You may experience ketosis. For those of you who want to know more about what happens when you put your body in ketosis, you had better continue reading this article and find the answer below.

What is ketosis?

Before you know what will happen to your body when you do a diet program, you’d better first understand the definition of ketosis. Ketosis is a process when your body breaks down fat into ketone bodies and then uses those ketones to produce energy and power. In the simplest terms, ketosis is the process of using fat for energy. It means you can lose weight. People who do diet programs have a goal of losing weight in an instant. Before you choose to do this keto diet, you need to know whether this keto diet is a safe diet for you or not. There are some things to check before you do a diet program, such as checking your blood pressure, checking your cholesterol levels, and checking for warning signs in your body.

what happens when you put your body in ketosis

Keto Breath

What happens when you start a keto diet in the first week? The first thing that your body will experience is keto breath. Keto breath is when you experience bad breath. Your breath smells like fruit and nail polish remover. Keto breath is caused by eating protein in a high amount and ketones are released via perspiration. How to deal with your keto breath? You can solve your keto breath problem by eating less protein, chewing sugar-free gum, drinking more fluids, and also eating more carbs.

Keto Crotch

Second, your body may experience keto crotch or body odor. It is possible to increase your body odor. You may feel unconfident because of your body odor. That is why you must find a solution to bad body odor, such as by changing what you eat, drinking more fluids, and also eating vegetables. Third, you may experience a blood sugar change. It is one of the effects of the keto diet. It is a common body reaction to the cutting of sugar and carbohydrates. You may find some facts about what happens when you put your body in ketosis in some sources.

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