What Happens If You Eat Carbs On A Keto Diet To Lose Weight?

What happens if you eat carbs on a keto diet to lose fat? When you do a keto diet, you will reduce your consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Weight gain in a short period is caused by compound carbohydrates and sugars. When you eat more carbs, you may experience premature death too. Unfortunately, some people experience severe complications after they do the keto diet. What happens if you eat carbs on a keto diet, especially in your first week? You will get the answer here.

Lose your energy

When you drastically reduce your carb intake every day, you may experience some symptoms. As we know, carbohydrates are a source of energy and power. When you cut carbs, your body will lose energy and you may feel less energized to do all of your activities during the day. Carbs play an important role in your heart muscle, nervous system, brain, and kidney health. Consuming enough carbs will be good for maintaining internal organs in your body. When you stop eating carbs, you will experience keto flu and some serious symptoms such as brain fog, nausea, and headaches.

Feel Sick

What happens when you start a keto diet for the first time in 7 days? For all of you who have been on the keto diet for a long time, you may feel sick because of your diet program. It will depend on the carbs that you consume every day. If you consume a low-carb diet or even a no-carb diet for a long time, you will feel very sick. You will experience tummy aches and also fatigue. You may start to vomit every time and experience a headache. To prevent serious problems in your body, you need to find the right amount of carbs that you must eat when you do a keto diet. You still need to consume carbs for a keto diet. At the same time, you need to choose the right carb sources that will be good for your health and, at the same time, you can reduce your weight too. For the keto diet, you still need to consume 5% carbohydrate. You can choose some healthy fat sources such as nuts, flaxseed, olive oil, coconut oil, and some other fat sources. When you do the wrong keto diet program, you may experience some symptoms such as bloating, less energy, fatigue, sleep deprivation, and also night sweats. Before you do the keto diet, you’d better consult with an expert. If you have a serious illness, you should avoid the keto diet because it will negatively impact your body condition. You can read more articles on what happens if you eat carbs on a keto diet.

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