What Fats Can You Eat On A Keto Diet? Choose Healthy Fats

What fats can you eat on a keto diet, especially in the first week? Starting a keto diet means you need to reduce your carbohydrate consumption for your daily meal. People usually feel full when they eat more carbohydrates. Unfortunately, eating more carbs will lead you to produce more glucose in your blood. It makes you easily gain weight. It is possible to contract some serious diseases. For all of you who are interested in doing a keto diet, you better find an answer to what fats can you eat on a keto diet first. Here, you will find some healthy foods for your keto diet.


First, you can choose to consume avocados. Avocados are the best sources of heart-healthy fats. When you consume avocados, you will get more minerals and also essential vitamins. Some experts suggest you eat avocados and also avocado oil to support your heart health, balance your blood sugar, and for healthy aging too. There are some ways to consume avocados. You can make avocado smoothies, avocado salads, or even guacamole.

what fats can you eat on a keto diet


Second, for those of you who want to consume the best fats for your keto diet, you need to consume more nuts. Nuts are a great food for a diet program because they boost your intake of healthy fats, and you get more fiber from nuts. When you consume more nuts, you will reduce your risk of heart disease too. There are some excellent examples of nuts to consume, such as brazil nuts, pecans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and other nuts. You can mix some types of nuts, or you can sprinkle nuts on your salads and soups.

Flax Seeds

The third best fat source for you is flaxseed. Flaxseed contains high levels of protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and fat. When you consume more flax seeds, you will get some benefits, such as protecting your body from cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and brain disease. Flaxseed can be consumed in salads, yogurt parfaits, and soups. Some keto recipes that use flaxseed can be found in some sources.


What happens when you start a keto diet, and consume coconut oil? When you choose the right foods to consume in your keto diet, you will be able to avoid some bad symptoms, especially for the first week. You can consume coconuts. Coconuts have become a popular source of fat that is both healthy and easy to absorb in your body. How do you eat coconut on a keto diet? You can make smoothies using coconut oil. You can use full-fat coconut milk for curried meats. When you search on the internet, you can find more recipes and information about what fats can you eat on a keto diet.

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