Things You Should Know Before Going On The Keto Diet

What is Keto Diet?

Before we discuss about health benefits from keto diet, let’s find out what the keto diet is. The keto diet is a diet that is done by reducing carbohydrate consumption and increasing fat consumption. In short, we can say low carbohydrate high fat diet. The goal of consuming high amounts of fat on this diet is for the body to reach a state of ketosis.

Actually, the purpose of this diet was originally to cure epilepsy without the use of medicine. However, currently this diet is also done to lose weight.

This diet still has many pros and cons, several studies show that the keto diet is safe and also effective to do, especially by people who are overweight or obese. However, you must consult a doctor first before doing this diet, whether this diet is in accordance with your physical condition or not. In addition, the health  benefits from keto diet on the body are still being studied. We recommend that you do the keto diet for a certain time limit and under the supervision of a doctor.

How to do Keto Diet

If you are interested in going on a keto diet, you must be willing to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates each day by a fairly large amount. The standard keto diet includes a diet consisting of 75% fat consumption, 20% protein consumption, and 5% carbohydrate consumption.

Meanwhile, the high-protein ketogenic diet has a higher portion of protein consumption. The diet applied is 60% fat, 5% carbohydrate, and 35% protein.

health benefits from keto diet

Fat-rich foods recommended in the keto diet:

  • Egg
  • Meat, sausage, chicken, turkey, steak and other meat products
  • Tuna, salmon and mackerel
  • Cream, butter and cheese
  • Green vegetables, tomatoes, chilies, onions, and other vegetables that are low in carbohydrates
  • Nuts and seeds, such as almond, sesame, chia, and pumpkin seeds
  • Avocado,
  • Olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil
  • Salt, pepper and various natural spices

Meanwhile, here are some types of carbohydrates that need to be avoided:

  • Rice, pasta, cereals and whole grain products
  • Tubers, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots
  • Sugary foods or drinks, such as candies, ice cream, cakes, fruit juices and soda
  • Unhealthy fats from vegetable oil or mayonnaise
  • Drinks containing alcohol

The benefits of the keto diet

Here are some of the health benefits from keto diet:

  • To control epilepsy
  • To lose weight
  • To control blood sugar levels
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Reducing the risk of developing nervous system disorders

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