How To Cook Easy And Quick Keto Meals And Tips On Keto Meals

If you are interested in easy and quick keto meals, this article is perfect. Why? Because this article discusses the theme completely with tips about the keto diet world.

How to Cook Easy and Quick Keto Meals

First, let’s see these 3 easy and quick keto meals.

1. Slow Cooker Chicken Thighs With Lemon and also Garlic Sauce

Imagine the juicy and tender inner chicken complete with crispy skin that will melt inside your mouth. Especially this menu only contains 2 grams of carbs per serving. Absolute perfection, with the tasty lemon and garlic chicken thigh. You will never feel enough for it and will crave for more.

2. Low Carb Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Your taste will be spoiled with a rich sauce and a bunch of cheese. Perfect for a dinner keto after a haptic day. Also, this menu is super easy to cook yet still makes you satisfied with every bite.

3. Creamy Chicken Thigh Covered With Mushroom Sauce

This special keto meal only contains 3 grams of carbs per serving. You could add some pasta or rice, whichever you decide will make this meal more delicious. It’s also proven to be kid’s friendly meal, so perfect for your family.

But if you are looking for the easiest keto meals ever, you should try instant pot beef, kale, and white bean soup. It’s also super healthy, with only 15 minutes to prepare. Just imagine, with only 15 minutes, you can eat these tasty yet super healthy meals. Interested? Just prepare the ingredients like kale, beef, and white beans. Add some seasoning and put them in an instant pot or slow cooker, it doesn’t matter which one you choose, it won’t make a difference in how its tastes.

Another one is the simple keto dinner meals, there are so many recipes for that, but the one that I recommend is a creamy chicken piccata with garlic. Picture a decadent cream sauce drizzled over a couple of pasta slices. Feel like heaven, you will be addicted and want to eat more and more, just never enough.

easy and quick keto meals

But if you are looking for the most delicious easy keto meals, this next meal is my answer. Blackened salmon served with avocado salsa. Absolute heaven. Feel those slices of fish covered with avocado salsa, a battle between the sweet taste of salmon and the bitter salsa sauce. What more can you ask?

Those above are just tiny examples of easy and quick keto meals, still wanna know more? Just continue to read it, you will get to know the lunch keto easy meal. What is it? Now we will travel to Thailand and learn about its chicken lettuce wraps that are perfect for your lunch. This meal is a perfect match for those whose job demands your full time and attention. Within 15 minutes you will be able to get crispy lettuce combined with Thai chicken and hoisin sauce. Perfect keto lunch if I may say so.

But if you want to find easy 30-minute keto meals, this Italian sausage, onions, and peppers with sauce is the answer. Just within 30 minutes, you can have Italian sausage and bell peppers for lunch or dinner.

Another one is the quick easy keto lunch for work, where you could have a bunless burger. Wow, cool, right? This meal is perfect for you who call yourself a meat lover. But if you still wanna eat bread with it, you could make a low-carb burger bun.

Now some people often wonder, are there cheap easy low-carb dinners? Of course, like this meal for example. Turkey patties with cucumber salsa, sounds like a healthy menu, won’t you say so? This one is perfect for a low-cost dinner, perfect for a low carbs lunch.

Low Carb Inexpensive Meals

Still haven’t had enough? Check out these low carb inexpensive meals.

  1. Keto taco shells filled with spinach and five other ingredients. Easy and tasty, right? 
  2. Low carb roasted Asian shrimp complete with brussels sprouts. There’s an extra benefit, you don’t have to clean up after cooking it. Why? Because it’s a one-sheet pan meal. 

Quick Keto Meals for Family

Don’t know what to cook for your family? Here are some quick keto meals for families that will give them delicious yet healthy meals.

  1. Pan-Seared Salmon ,These so-called easy and quick keto meals are perfect to serve to your family. Just imagine a crisp and golden fish on top, with barely cooked in the center. It will be your family’s favorite keto meal.
  2. Creamy chicken, and bacon complete with cauliflower bake. This dish is completely gluten-free, and you just have to cook chicken, bacon, and cauliflower with a creamy bake. Easy, right?
  3. Lemon halloumi complete with fried capers. You just have to mix halloumi with salad greens and capers, and you will get a delicious dish.
  4. The last meal is chicken bowl satay mixed with zoodle salad. This perfect dinner dish only needs chicken thigh filets and zucchini noodles, and put some satay cream.

What do you think? They are all considered very easy and quick keto meals, wouldn’t you think so? Within only 30 minutes, you will be able to cook tasty yet healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Tips on Making Easy and Quick Keto Meals

Now, for all of you who are considered keto diet beginners, here are 3 steps that are important as a gateway to changing your eating habit.

  1. Cut off all carbs and sugar

How? Stop eating any kind of bread, change grains with veggies, and add extra salt or butter for flavor. You could also replace sugar with fat bomb recipes.

  1. Concentrate on adding a healthy fat, like MCT oils for example
  2. Limit your total carbs to 20 grams a day

If you can do those 3 steps, then the rest will be easier to follow. So that’s the end of our article regarding easy and quick keto meals. For more information to get keto recipes, CLICK HERE 

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