7 Simple Menus For Keto Diet Dinner

Are you on a keto diet and need some inspiration for dinner tonight? You can consider some menus below. They are easy and quick keto meals. Let’s check them out.

Chicken Strips

Some of you may be sick of eating fried chicken or grilled chicken. Well, you can try to make chicken strips. This is one of the simple keto dinner meals that you should try. Tasty chicken strips with tasty sauce. Make sure you use keto friendly flour for the coating. Never use wheat flour, corn flour, or rice flour since those are not keto friendly.

Chicken Wrap

Want a different way to eat chicken? Try to wrap it using lettuce. Give your best seasoning first for the chicken, wrap, and bite! It is a perfect combination between meat and vegetables. Meats are acidic while vegetables are alkaline.

Baked Shrimp

This menu is mainly for seafood lovers. Baked shrimp or lobster is a good idea for your dinner tonight. You may replace it with squids or any other kinds of fish if you don’t like shrimp and lobsters. Add the best herbs and seasoning that you have, and enjoy your tasty low-carbohydrate diet.

simple keto dinner meals


To give your body plenty of vitamins, don’t forget to have salads for dinner. It can be tuna salad, avocado salad or other types of salads. Add some olive oil which contains healthy fat to your salads. If you don’t have olive oil, you can replace it with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO).

Vegetable Soups

Try vegetable soup for dinner as the side dish. The simple keto dinner meals should be rich in fiber too. Spinach soup can be a good choice since it contains high fiber. Compared to other kinds of vegetables, the amount of fiber in spinach is pretty high. High fiber helps us to maintain our digestive system’s health.


Beef, shrimp, fish or chicken meatballs sounds interesting to eat. You can buy ready-to-cook meatballs for your simple keto dinner meals. Eating it like the ‘satay’ is also interesting. Don’t forget to make the peanut sauce as the dressing.

Almond Milk

This plant-based milk is rich in healthy fat. In addition, almonds also contain protein. Therefore, it is suitable for those of you who are on a keto diet. However, if you don’t have almond milk, you can replace it with coconut milk. Coconut milk is a source of healthy fat too.

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