7 Inexpensive Delicious Dishes For Your Keto Diet

Some people may think that we need expensive ingredients for a keto diet. Well, that is not true. We can still have low carb inexpensive meals for daily consumption during the diet. Written below are the examples.

Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs? Yes. You are able to do the keto diet even only by eating boiled eggs. So easy and quick keto meals, right? It is suitable for those of you who are always busy in the morning. You can have boiled eggs as a breakfast item.

Scrambled Egg

Besides boiled eggs, scrambled eggs are also a good choice. But if you are bored with scrambled eggs, you can make sunny side up eggs instead.


You can cook the spinach as a spinach soup or make a salad. It is rich in fiber which is very beneficial. It is also a source of iron. Iron helps our body to produce blood. Its role is essential for maintaining our blood circulation. Without iron, we may experience poor blood circulation which can cause some deadly diseases.

low carb inexpensive meals


Chicken is relatively cheaper than beef. Hence, it definitely belongs to low carb inexpensive meals. So, it is considered to be quite economical. You may combine chicken with vegetables too such as lettuce.


For you who love seafood so much, having shrimp on your keto diet menu is a good idea. You can just bake it with some seasoning or you may create your own recipe. For your information, shrimp is good to improve our cognitive performance. The protein that it contains helps us produce choline which is beneficial for our brain.


Avocados are affordable and easy to get, but provide you with plenty of healthy fats. It is suitable to be eaten for breakfast. It can be eaten raw or baked. You can combine it with eggs or cheese, if possible, to make it more delicious.


If almonds and other nuts are too expensive, you might consider eating peanuts. Sugar-free peanut butter is also a good option. Anyway, you can make your own sugar-free peanut butter at home. Just prepare roasted peanuts, olive oil, and natural salt. Blend it in a blender or chopper and get your own home-made peanut butter.  

Well, those are the examples of low carb inexpensive meals that we can consume during the keto diet. For deeper information about the keto diet, just click this link out.

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